Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why the Gerson Therapy is So Strict!

 It's funny the Gerson lifestyle states clearly that any added salt other than that which is in your vegetables naturally is not good for any human being - EVER.  When you read about how cells breathe and how they do so by balancing potassium and sodium you begin to understand why they are so tight on this issue. When you think about it ancient man did not have salt shakers did they?  No, of course not.  Modern cuisine is amazing!  Stuff tastes so good it's like totally addictive!  And that's the point.  Man has created a lot of stuff that is awfully yummy but that is also very bad for us - in the view of Max Gerson VERY bad for us.  So when we get older we must remember that to live well over sixty some sacrifices must be made for our best buddy (our body) and to give back to it some love in the form of proper fuel (diet) in order for it to function nicely as we age.  See Charlotte Gerson (age 92 - sharp as a tack.)  Hugs.   Bill Z

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