Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This is ghastly BUT there is a great lesson here.

This is ghastly but it is identical to the deeply disturbed sport we play when shop the meat section of the grocery store where we knowingly kill pigs cows chickens lamb turkey and even chow down on frogs legs.  The human is homicidal by nature, murderous and cunning.  These people are an extreme example of what we as a culture do every day at the grocery store except you see it as a horror because it's an elephant - outside of our paradigm of acceptable behavior.  Any meat eater is as culpable as this family.  If you eat animals you are guilty - and when I do,  ...SO AM I.  When I choose to eat animals I am no different than this insane family except this elephant may have had the luxury of living in a natural setting.  Farm animals, otherwise known as "livestock" do not command the same rights, protection, favor or affection as this poor elephant - but in the mind of God they do.  "Thou shalt not kill."  What the fuck to you think that meant?  Is this the one commandment we should ignore?  Or should we just ignore them all?  Oh, that's right WE DO.

We let the pathological money grubbing meat industry hide the slaughter from us and somehow our rationalizations WIN as we sit down to a juicy steak, chicken leg or pork tenderloin.  Yum!  OUR psychopathy, OUR hypocrisy is the enemy, not this poor misguided family in the picture or even the evil meat industry people.  FOR WITHOUT OUR CONSENT AND MONEY THEY HAVE NOTHING.  YOU PROTECT THE ANIMALS.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO AND NO ONE ELSES.  YOU ALONE AUTHORIZE THIS SLAUGHTER.

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