Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Start here and begin to detoxify your body

Start here and begin to detoxify your body

My pay forward to humanity... Is to share knowledge

My Lyme's disease started in 1989 but didn't take over my body until 2003. After years of trying this and trying that with the advice of "professionals" I was no better off. With the one good hour a day I had I set out on my own and found things naturally occurring which healed my body. Most recently, two years of slow detoxification and increased nutrition has placed me into the I'm feeling normal again life style.

I partially attribute this improvement to understanding our environment and the pollution we are exposed to every day. Below is information I would consider a first steps. As it became apparent to me... and this is important... It is difficult to give the body proper nutrition if the body can not eliminate toxins.

Please take a moment to listen to Dr. Stewart Lonky's presentation found on the home page.
Determine the exposure have you have and are experiencing and start to limit and remove these immediately.
Removing and cleaning out these toxins will begin to restore your bodies ability for a normal immune system.
I learned you can't fight Lyme's until you have a strong immune system...

FYI, This book is well written and worthy of purchase for future reference.

If you want to learn more

Sorry to say, the process of toxin removal is nearly as slow as the time it took for your body to accumulate these toxins
So be patient and understand the process is years in time.

Products I found useful after much research:

Ann Wigmore and the use of Wheat Grass Juice. Find it locally or grow your own
The book
The seed

California Earth Products Therramin

Calcium Disodium (EDTA) from Arizona Natural Products

Dimercaptosuccinic Acid (DMSA) from Vitamin Research Products¤tProduct=DMSA

Take the time to understand what these products are and how to use them for toxin removal and nutrition.

Remember this is one of many steps but one everyone can do.

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