Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another beautiful day in San Diego

By William Zimmermann

My new policy is to post only positive posts that deal with goals that bring good things into my world.  I know venting negative stuff is important to be able to do but I do not believe in harping on negativity any more.  I have simply read too much about how this can become a bad habit.  And habits are hard to break!

The positive word for today is not coming to me.  But I know it is sunny, beautiful and there is very little strain on my world at the moment.  Not a lot of people can claim this so I guess that is the good word for today.  I am letting some people go, but not ditching them completely.  Barbara Danny and Traudl are good friends but we have nothing in common.  The attitude here is to keep them close and do not neglect them as not to burn bridges.  But move forward with what is important to me.  Living well and making money in ways that do not drive me nuts is a very important thing.  The water business appears to be perfectly suited to my ambitions of coming off disability an weening myself from section 8 housing eventually.  Success would mean coming off of these programs.  But success has a price and must be maintained consistently and forever.  It is a big committment and should be carefully planned and developed.

Taking care of business when you're not in the mood to deal with it is an important topic.  You have to be able to be consistent friendly, compassionate, warm and quick-witted even when you are in a disoriented state, depressed or angry at the world.  It is a good thing to find a root throught to hold onto when you are in a negative state.  That thought should be gratitude, and more specifically it should have the power to pull you into compassion for whom ever you are speaking with when your angry or frustrated.  So I'll have to think of even a more potent and more speciffic root thought that will help me control my mood when I get blind sided by reality.  The truth is that sometimes I know I do not cope well even under normal circumstances.  Depression, moodyness and simple inconvenience really tick me off if I am not in the right frame of mind to deal.  Xanax helps but makes me kind of stupid.  Coffee is not a great friend but often appears to be so.  The best thing always is good nutrition and sticking to the principals of the Gerson therapy to maintain health as I explore additional ideas for health.

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