Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lemon Tree Conception

I was looking at the little lemon tree out on the veranda. I is about seven feet tall with one enormous lemon on a single branch. I looked at it perhaps fifteen times before I realized it was so large that it may have passed its prime and that it should be picked. I finally went over to it and put my hand around it and it released almost effortlessly from its branch. I thought perhaps it is trying to tell me something. I interpreted it as meaning "you can not receive a lemon until you accept a lemon." When you innocently reach out for life it meets you effortlessly providing what is needed when it is needed. Living in a created space where your being exists in the reality of your choosing sets you apart from the world. The headlines change, the reality shifts and the probable future on which you find yourself has diverged from the time-line that might have been. When you are aware of this you can set up your future by planting seeds moment to moment in accordance with your own ideas and capabilities. The only creativity required to do this is the understanding that the the future is a choice. You can fear it or own it. Your mistakes can be mourned or celebrated in a dance that honors the truths of your choices. Each day is a planting bed of possibility where you the seeds of thought and action set into motion the probable future you picked. The challenge is to accurately assess hindsight in the now as you consider what you want and what you are willing to commit to as the story grows and life unfolds. How close are you to what is best for you with all your subtle realities and truths in the present? Accurately assessing hindsight is a fine art. As you think of the consequences of a choice you roll out the probabilities in your mind and if you are good at it you catch the glitches and unwanted realities so you can adjust your plan from conception effectively countermanding troubles and taxes paid for ignorance and stupidity found in apathy. This is why the magic is in the plan. So too is the work. 80% of the work is in the plan and 20% of the work is in the maintenance of the plan if you set it up right. The future should unfold before you with few troubles. The situation reflects your current thought and attitude. Your current thought and attitude also generates the immediate and distant future realities. Negativity begets negativity, positivity begets positivity. The whole of each day is a reflection is the person you decide to become RIGHT NOW. As the moments compile your future be sure to program them for a good one.

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