Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hope through fiction...


Knowing what I know about the character named Picard in Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek series I believe I can manage to bridge my essence with that of the character with whom I identify so completely. I believe that should I use this character as a template that I can begin a recovery or a more complete remission of psychiatric difficulty if I start with one single idea.

Who would Picard be broken? And what would Picard do with this disability?

Leadership is a lonely road. But until one achieves the status and authority of leadership one can learn from icons designed to better the average man if not the broken tempest tossed victims of life in the 21st century.

There is no reason to fear when courage and love displace it. Prosperity in the 24th century is on its way and translates in my experience to the grace and the goodness found in the Social Security Act where I am given a home, food and transportation. After that it is what “we make of ourselves” it is the improvement and service to humanity that counts.

The first act of service to humanity should be to begin reconstructing my psyche. I must be cunning and ruthlessly intelligent when ever and where ever there is a genuine opportunity. I must take on the integrity of Picard and not deceive myself or take on unrealistic expectations, but rather do as much as I can with what I have while I find a reason to live as I break through the confines of my disability by way of the faith, good will and integrity of the template Jean Luc Picard – a character on a TV show.

I know reading the great works of the greatest thinkers in history might give me a better example of a reality based person to emulate but in my small world I do not comprehend the minds of men like Napoleon, Mussolini or Alexander the Great. But I can relate to a fictional character and position myself to emulate him enough to get traction against this terrible depression disease.

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