Sunday, October 4, 2009

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I can't believe it's not Summer! Early October always represents a shift in local weather here in Southern California. It is such a beautiful place but "winter" snaps in exactly now, in early October. Now is the time we pull out all the vegetables that have stopped producing or feed the ones that can eek out a few more lame tomatoes or peppers or whatever.

Next year I am planting HOT peppers and now that I know they do not die in coastal winters it is even more exciting. Chili peppers are really good for you! And they spice up food without the use for salt. I really have to focus on planting beans so I get a big harvest this fall. The snow peas are already six inches high and I have to cage them somehow.

As you all know Americans are reklessly in pursuit of the truth. So in this vein I may go see the Michael Moore movie "Capitalism" and get all upset. Certainly I can take a Xanax before paying my nine dollars to see his "not for profit" movie. I wonder what Moore does with the profits? Have you ever heard of a Michael Moore Foundation? There might be one but I never head of it!

All is calm on the homefront. Taters and beats are baking, lots of organics in the fridge and six weeks under my belt on the Gerson Therapy. I am wondering how to simplify the therapy to make it work for people who have no access to organice or as many organics as well as those who can not afford it? Some things you have to pay for I guess. At the end of the month I'm going to tally up how much I spent at Trader Joes Whole foods and the Ocean Beach "Co-Op" called Peoples Market. I never saw a more profitable "Co-Op." Sure appears to be rather profitable to me considering their prices SUCK.

Locally produced foods usually means expensive because we are supporting local farm families who have to pay all the bullshit taxes and fees and real estate nonsense we all have to pay. So stuff gets expensive. That's why the quality at large chain stores is poor. They ship GMO, artificially raised on life support crops from one distant place to their stores in large trucks that pollute adnauseum. Then expect us to eat what looks good but which is in reality a slury of chemically enhanced crap lacking in nutrients and trace minerals and God knows what else.

I think I would rather eat less, support local farmers and cut out all the middle men including the small chains and "Co-Ops" like Peoples. Also at People's Market they say their quality is better than Whole Foods. Well, it might be true but their produce looks like hell sometimes. Not "old" just tattered and lacking in some way. It might actually BE better that the glistening organics at Whole Foods. Still whole foods has the largest and most beautiful butter lettuce I have ever seen. And it tastes great.

The coolest thing about eating organic and drinking distilled water on this diet is when you go eat something or drink something fake. They taste gross. I rinsed my mouth out with shower water yesterday and it tasted putred. I spit it out and shook my head like a dog that just ate peanut butter. It was dis-GUSTING. Now I am usually pretty easy to please bu this time it was no contest. I have to put in a household water filtration system. Gary is NOT going to be happy about that when I ask him to pay for it. Yeah, that'll happen.

I find myself purifying the air in my house and the water I drink. Not even the reverse osmisis system that cost almost five hundred dollars does a good enough job to clean up my water in terms of what is required by the Gerson Therapy.

The last word on whether or not people should pursue the Gerson Therapy is this: If you are getting achey stuffed up allergic, cranky without explanation, depressed, arthritic, or have low spirits all the time you are probably toxic. Your liver is probably not processing properly. The vegetarian diet, the liver cleansing and the remarkable ability of caffeine to help the liver dump toxins is an effective way to clean up your act. But you must have a good juicer. Centrifical
juicers destroy most of the desired properties of juice. Juice must be ingested immediately after juicing. There is something about this fact that works. They really do not know why. It just does. Time after time Max Gerson tested these theroies. We can thank him for his amazing work and his many discoveries. He cured Albert Schweitzer and Alberts family of many chronic and terminal ailments. That is why Schweitzer called Gerson "the most preeminant genius of our time."

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