Thursday, January 1, 2009

I wrote this post on It is about my hero. Bobby Snow. "This is a story about my Aunt Bobby. She was the most loved person I ever knew. As a boy I remember visiting her and her husband Bob, son Randy and daughter Patty at their Gross Pointe home in Michigan. I arrived one summer after school had let out. I found a family filled with love and a home that ran smoothly but with the usual family drama. But there was a difference in this home. There was no sadness. Jokes and silly fun made a light- hearted home a dream from what I knew back east. I learned that Bobby had started the first Boy Scout troop in Michigan, and was involved with Girl Scouting and Brownies clubs. She and her husband Bob were chosen to be the God Parents by every family on their street. At the time I thought that was pretty cool. As the weeks went on I learned how to read and I learned how to love through her firm way of coaxing me to learn. I was a very sad child from a very sad home in a very sad city. Bobby is my hero because she knew how to live and she knew how to love and she knew how important it was to be fair even when it did not give her the advantage. She knew that winning was not always good and she knew that losing was not always bad. There was something about her and her husband Bob I have never seen before in any person then or even today. It was a kind of class, a kind of knowing that they had that made them glow with cheer and confidence. There was a kind of mystery about them like they knew something that they held dear that they knew was special. I think it was love. The kind of love that is refined and yet easy, natural and filled with life joy and humor. I tell my friends today that they do not make folks like that any more. Bobby S. was my aunt and my hero because she knew right from wrong and she practiced the Golden Rule to the letter. She always said you could not go too far wrong if you stuck with the Golden Rule. I have ever since. And though my life does not have the sparkle or the glee that their family did I got to see it and feel the love of people who I knew for certain loved me. That is why Bobby and her husband Bob are my hero's."

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