Friday, June 9, 2017

Alcohol, Its Origins Affects and Social Consequences

Update 6/24/17. This young lady wrote a similar article I thought I would share a link to it. If you have ever been a victim of alcohol, its treachery and its world wide corrupting influences you may want to listen to the podcast below or watch the hand selected videos I've gathered up from high quality sources on the internet. Educating yourself about the effects of alcohol on people around you will provide perspective on why and how it works, why they change and what is so alarming about the grip it has on them.

To maintain personal power it is essential that we avoid alcohol. Unlike the often crude but somewhat efficacious tobacco and some (but not all) plant hallucinogens such as marijuana alcohol has no medicinal value whatsoever. Check out the following fun informal podcast to tune in about alcohol and its dangers and influences in your world.

Introduction by William Zimmermann.

These two parts were created to support those who are looking to understand alcohol and how it intrudes into our lives and destroys lives more than any other substance.  I've been wanting to share for a very long time. They're only available here on this blog. 

Informal Podcast: Alcohol, Its Origins Affects and Social Consequences Part I
Informal Podcast: Alcohol. Its Origins Affects and Social Consequences Part II

The Spiritual Aspects of Alcohol:

How Alcohol Effects the Brain

Further Detail:

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