Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why Prevention Starts at Home

As you know I'm a big fan of prevention. Preventing anything bad or negative before it happens is my base mindset and dealing with life from this standpoint had been my personal default setting for years and has become integral in my way of life. It may not seem heroic macho or significant to some but it works for me. For those of you who understand the art of living, preventing disasters before they happen can be as real as preventing failure or preventing the destruction of the environment. Whatever area you work at preventing negatives you are allowing positives and that in my estimation is a very good thing. That's why I'm a big fan of the Wim Hof Method. (see the blog post)

Jane Roberts Seth material teaches that we create our own reality. We create the universe we live in and while we may be subject to the creations of all the other people on the planet we choose much of what manifests for us personally.

When we talk about health and wellness, so much of our reality has come under our control that it is beginning to look like we will be able to live out our lives without the need for doctors if we are lucky enough to start a prevention program in generally good health and wellness. From that point, the sky is the limit as we make moment to moment choices as we create our world out of what has become new compulsory lifestyle habits that will not only assure our survival but also will give us all a shot at genuine joy and happiness. How bad could that be?

As you may already know I've been promoting the Wim Hof Method.  It's basically breathwork practiced in a particular manner.  In terms of natural preventative immunotherapy, the Wim Hof Method appears to break the chains of non-control over the autonomic nervous system and the immune system and gives humans back the long dormant ability to wake up this control and take back the ability to fight physical and also psychological disease with one simple daily practice.

Like I've said in many articles before this one, we live in a world that requires daily actions that were once unnecessary to maintain health and wellness. Our world has become more polluted and our bodies are not designed to handle the toxic load they receive. A diseased body is the inevitable outcome of a lifestyle that does not address the new compulsory requirements of the body. Diet, exercise, detoxification and emotional health all get upgrades in naturopathic technology to cope with the changes in our environment. Certainly, any Vegan knows this but what about the rest of the culture? Are there no tools to help the stressed out carnivore who might be at higher risk of disease due to the consumption of highly processed meat products?

Suffice to say medical doctors welcome your disease with open arms. They all but promote it as their paychecks depend on your body's reaction to a filthy world by prescribing all kinds of nasty things to silence disease with symptom masking drugs. All without addressing the underlying problem. While many argue the effectiveness of western medicine smart guys and gals know that prevention is better than fixing a problem. That's a concept just about everyone would agree on. But modern medicine has no interest in teaching or promoting effective truly healthful prevention habits, not really. They might cast allusions or make vain attempts at the effort but they do not dig in and get serious about it because their livelihood depends on us all being moderately ill for as long as possible. They consciously or unconsciously choose to keep the public just well enough to need their often dubious services. They do not appear to have any interest in permanent, easy or free cures and they most certainly do not promote serious preventative measures that might bankrupt their cash cow especially when big money is at stake. That said western medicine has made remarkable strides in many areas of medicine. However heart disease, cancer, and degenerative diseases. Western medicine earns an "F" rating for greed-based therapies that through advertising and sales promotion control the public mind and opinion when natural cures (often free) are readily available.

Considering the unexpected outcome of the Yale University Milgram experiment we learn that doctors take orders from authority figures who literally order them to prescribe profitable procedures. Doctors are brainwashed to inflict painful, unproductive and sometimes lethal procedures that are often ineffective. One can not help but think of the Milgram experiment when we see how doctors tow the party/corporate line while they knowingly or unknowingly betray the trust of an unsuspecting public en mass.

When we talk about what it is to take health into your own hands by exercising preventative strategies we are talking about a process that begins at birth. Parents must understand that children are born with up to 60,000 new, distinct toxins that did not exist in the human body before the year 1700. The body does not know how to cope with them and often develops a disease in response to the toxins. By all appearances, the patient has simply developed common allergies or has gotten cancer or any number of degenerative diseases. But what is really going on is likely a response to poison from the environment expressing itself by exceeding the capacity of the immune system to cope with the multitude of highly unnatural new and often dangerous toxins within the human body.

Modern medicine does not approach this subject with any answers. Detoxification and a strategy (attitude) based strongly in prevention does. While we wait for "modern medicine" to catch up, people must understand that they can take healthcare into their own hands responsibly and with excellent results. The secret is simply the conscious incorporation of two or three new habits that prevent disease. Period.

1. Diet (An organic, plant-based vegetarian diet)
2. Cleanse (customized *procedures to eliminate heavy metals and existing toxins from the body)
3. Detoxification of the environment (more aggressive treatments to eliminate toxins from the body and from the environment). From colonics and chelation to the removal of chlorine from water supply the range of toxins is wide and large and can be purged by simply selecting options and better habits.

*Cleansing basics: Resting the organs through fasting;
Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body;
Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and skin;
Improving circulation of the blood; and
Refueling the body with healthy nutrients.

Prevention truly starts at home, with the individual decision to make a change. Times change. And so does the world. We must change along with it or suffer the consequences. Keeping personal health is a martial art. At this point in history, you have to retrain yourself to fight off an infection the same way a Kung Fu artists fights off an attacker. For those who do not learn the martial art of Prevention will forever be at risk of attack by degenerative diseases and the western medical system's approach to disease.

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