Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Wisdom of George Carlin - Deconstructed

We are all guilty of some of the things George mentions here, fortunately many of us suffer from fewer of these maladies than others. As we watch the shocking absence of wisdom and the continued unraveling of personal ethics within the collective American psyche we can not help but love and appreciate George Carlin for his simple but deep intellectual insight here. He nails American culture right to the cross. Notwithstanding the religious overtones, I have to say that criticism and political correctness should be non-exclusive, but they aren't. As that non sequitur reels through your head-it is exactly what George is telling us here. If we can't take constructive criticism, take it as a compliment from those who care enough to criticize us perhaps then it's time for a personal reexamination of our values. Perhaps a cultural paradigm shift or an attitude adjustment are in order? Why is it that people end friendships when their criticized by their peers in our culture. I see this all the time. Very few Americans are willing to grow or evolve with the help of friendly criticism. Even welcome criticism is considered politically incorrect on an interpersonal level. This could lead a person to a feeling of abandonment which then moves into the psychological realm of cognitive dissonance and personal confusion. Ultimately landing the culture squarely in a state of clinical depression. And that is precisely what has occurred. The culture seems to support an unspoken gag order meme which is further indication that the culture is unhealthy. We are not only divided by glaring political differences but also by interpersonal A.D.D.. A condition that who's the country into a kind of a indifference never seen before. Indifference is simply a nice word for hate. So the next time I refrain from warning a friend who is blind to the machinations of a con artist or refrain from discussing the sad reality that parents face when grown children elect to adopt an extreme religion. What we are actually doing is fearfully withholding wisdom, love, and kindness from people who are then exposed to dangerous people and ideologies.

Apathy is an emotional convenience and also it is a strong indication that American values are fatigued to the point of clinical depression. We simply do not have the energy to care about each other as our emotional gas tanks are drained by confusing and largely irrelevant political drama, negative messages in media, music, and on the many screens we worship, we find we are undeniably in the midst of a culture that is not our friend. 



When you look at the newest discoveries beyond metaphysics we start to understand the nature of evil in our culture. I'll go into this in another post or will pursue it here in this post later. But for now please examine your own capacity for criticism and look at your personal need to invite people into your world by asking them for their thoughts.   Bill Zimmermann 10/30/2016

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