Friday, June 10, 2016

Regaining Real Health and Personal Power in a World of Illusions

By Bill Zimmermann

The whole world of natural health and health products has turned into a dark, profit-based place built on email lists, ebooks, celebrities, gurus, conferences, summits, exotic overhyped products, and very clever advertising and packaging, where it’s only becoming more impossible to distinguish between the critical, the optional and the expensively useless, where charismatic, toxic gurus and celebrities are, with the absolute very best intentions, trying to fix and inform other toxic people, not knowing that they are only repeating the same cycle of toxicity, confusion, and misinformation to an unsuspecting public. As if big pharma and the cancer industry was not bad enough. We are, and we will keep missing the point, and suffering, until we look at that which is staring us in the face.

The fact is we take in far more toxins than our body can release. This is true for all people, all generations and all animal and living plants on earth today.  It is true for our children and will be the a state of factual reality for generations to come.

Countless articles and books have been written on “detox” and cleansing. Very few of them can be helpful. Most of them however, are pure garbage, and are pure marketing and hype. Detoxification is a long-term, very demanding and challenging process that requires a lot of patience, time, study and hard work. You cannot, truly and thoroughly, detoxify your body, with green juices, a supplement, or a 14-day cleanse.

What I realized was this: many of the things we do, such as exercise and yoga, merely offer us a temporary relief from all the toxins we have in our bodies. Once these toxins are out, we really won’t feel the need to do these things. We’ll still benefit from them, but they won’t play nearly as much of a role as they do now.

Everyone living in the modern world, is toxic, and can benefit immensely from a proper detox. Unless you have been living on an island or in a jungle for most of your life, you have certainly been exposed to very high levels of toxins and pathogens radiation heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic, estrogens from plastics, pesticides, chemicals in the environment, parasites, yeast, viruses, mold, microbes, and deadly bacteria and EMF. Our immune system and our bodies can handle and detoxify small amounts of these toxins, but in this day and age the load is too high that the body is no longer able to keep up. Detoxification is as compulsory today as it is to take out the daily trash.

Nearly 100,000 chemicals or more, many of which are extremely toxic, have irresponsibly been introduced to the environment by seriously disturbed manufacturing facilities.  In the past 100 years our bodies have not evolved at all.  The bodies ability to detoxify such an overwhelming amount of toxicity is simply not possible given the overload we are exposed to every single day. The speed at which these toxins are being released is higher than the speed at which our bodies can evolve to handle them.  So we must help the body.  We must detox.

To illustrate this further many people appear perfectly healthy yet their bodies are host to millions of toxins and pathogens, yet their health and feeling of well being improves dramatically after detoxification. If you think your health is good now, your health can be greatly improved when the body is truly cleaned of these stubborn toxins.

The potential impact of effective detoxification on your life is so great that it can only be measured by how you feel and by a probable future where you simply do not get sick.

Our new website (Opening January 2017) focuses on the few best and most effective methods of detoxification.  It will include all technologies from free home systems to elaborate multi layered systems as delivered by Northern Baja Gerson Center. The goal is prevent disease, assure health and give the soul-mind and body back their harmony and full potential.  We aim to simplify five or six extreme, hard core top quality detoxification programs is to give the public trust worthy information that has been rigorously tested for credibility and organize the information into workable programs anybody can do at home in the privacy of their own space.  What works passes, what is even the slightest fails and will be dismissed.  We will offer several select programs, all with basic tenets (rules) that can be expanded upon. Basics work when people study our strategies and assemble daily routines around the simplified suggested programs. Programs that can be easily followed in a graduated format from simple (beginner) to intermediate (when more intense detox is required) and expert in the event of serious illness or when a need to purge toxins completely is desired.

We came to the realization that if we want to live an a world where 1 out of 60 children are no longer born autistic (FOR LIFE) we need to take control and simply clean house. It is suggested that supplements like iodine, taken during pregnancy reduce the probability of autism and many other disadvantages a developing child can experience in vitro.  This is just one example of the many simple things we can do to move into a state of ultimate prevention by managing the internal landscape of our biology as it exists today and accepting the challenge of necessary detoxification as compulsory.  It's like when we introduced seat belts and the catalytic converter in automobiles. The time had come when these were clearly necessary for public safety.  It is the same scenario regarding the need for proper detoxification of the body.

I've come to realize that no government leader will ever develop the qualities of consciousness required to be aware of even the simplest concept of human dignity let alone acknowledge the real concerns regarding human health.  Conscious advancement and peaceful progress through clean living IS THE FUTURE.  Without it we have only despair. It is widely known that public figures and institutions like the FDA and the CDC lead politically dubious untrustworthy lives, they are hushed or silenced or fired when they do not comply with policies that are not at all in line with what people should know about their health and how to keep it.  They are politically controlled, narrow and toxic people themselves.  Ultimately they are dangerous to the general welfare of the people and of the planet. But that is their problem. We know the truth and can act independently of public policy by taking simple steps to protect our health and to turn the clock back better health without the approval of toxic policy makers.  There is little or nothing we can do about government policy and media sales pitches (Dr. Oz, Oprah etc,) but we can study and learn.  Our goal is to make that process easy for you by sifting through all the manusha and deliver the good stuff right to your computer.

Our primary goal is to first care for our personal health and our immediate environment. Then to maintain our career and the security of our families from the center out. Ultimately we extend our influence to friends acquaintances and with social media reach far and beyond, out into the world where our voice may be heard. This is our politics. This is how we influence the world.

Peace and love with a dash of reality and feasibility to you all.


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