Friday, April 15, 2016

A HEALTHY PERSPECTIVE - Norwegian Explains Why We Need Bernie Sanders

I simply had to include this on Zimmermania Health because it is so imperative that Americans begin to see that we have SO much room for improvement!  We can do better.  Check out what this guy from Norway (currently No 1 economy in the world) has to say.

Andreas Fossåen Dybfest from Norway explains why we need Bernie:

I'm gonna drop a bomb of reality on the sceptics amongst my American friends here...

I'm Norwegian and I live in a social democracy.
We have BOTH capitalistic values and socialistic values.
In fact, for a social democracy to work, we need both.
Capitalism builds wealth, while socialism distributes the wealth so as many as possible have a higher education and good health; which leads to better capitalism and bigger economy.

Everything Bernie Sanders presents to you, is my reality.
Our good values have been fought through by people like Bernie Sanders. And many have been inspired by your very own Franklin D. Roosevelt!

I pay ~26% tax(cap on 28%), for that I get: Free health-care
Free education
Bigger tax refunds the more loan I have in the bank
8 hour working days
5 weeks paid vacation
A decent pension fund
The lower income I have, the lower tax I pay
Parents pay less.
A mother gets 46 weeks of maternity leave, where the father can take out 10 weeks if he wants to. This strengthen the bond with the baby and it's very important for kids’ mental health and development.

Norway is at the top of UN’s Human Development Index and Education Index. We also rank best in the world on child poverty.
We've ranked #1 in prosperity for 12 years.
Our neighbour Denmark is #1 in business.
We must be doing something right...
(We actually got our biggest wealth, thanks to you).

If socialism gets too much power, you can say it becomes communism and if capitalism gets too much power, it becomes plutocracy/oligarchy. The key is balance. Right now we're on the right-winged side and I fear we're walking the same path as you have done...

Right now you're in the plutocracy/ oligarchy section, and a lot of great minds and achievers are stuck in poverty, with no chance of getting out. You already have socialism; but it's broken, expensive and ineffective.

The thought of the US as a social democracy, is breathtaking. The strength and progress you would achieve as a nation, with your population, would be amazing and lift the bar to a whole new dimension…
If you think because our population is a lot smaller, it can't be used on you; then you're wrong. Don't compare population numbers, compare percentages…
F.ex: If our population represent one of your major cities, use the model on all major cities...

Social democracy IS the modern democracy, because it represent a whole nation and not only a few rich getting richer. Not only do I think it will work for you as well, but with your current wealth and population, you would be the greatest social democracy in the world.

This is why you need Bernie Sanders, he is a strong leader with GREAT human ethics and morals
 If you're not a billionaire, you're ignorant to not vote him, because that man represents YOU!

It's not done in a day, but I don't live in a fantasy world...

Don't let this chance pass you USA, the movement is ENORMOUS, be proud of your middle-class

and VOTE!

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