Saturday, January 16, 2016

My reaction the the Republican debates.


I've kept my political mouth shut. Until now. About the presidential candidates. Every last one of them is a snake, a liar and a pig. All with the exception of Bernie Sanders. Barack Obama has been a poor president but at least he has while hardly being resplendent he has maintained a modicum of presidential decency regardless of all the shenanigans that have pierced the bubble of presidential immunity. As many of you know I don't watch television much. I've got better things to do. So when I watched the Republican debates to my horror I realized that we are quickly becoming a country that permits blithering idiots who would embarrass the most patient mom, perplex the most understanding therapist offend the holiest priest and insult any serious guru. Watching these men banter back and forth with childish banter was enough to make me want to throw up on my shoe. And I really like these shoes. It's so sad to watch the dignity of the office of the President of the United States fall to a process of politics that encourages and allows such blithering idiots to run for the most dignified office especially at a time when we are being crushed economically by serious nations with serious intelligent and brilliant strategists in India, China and brilliantly emerging leaders in Chile, Vietnam, and parts of eastern Europe.

Personally I would put Todd Gloria up against any of those assholes and I know he would reduce them to the slime they are in one debate. Our Governor Jerry Brown could also out-dignify all those fools. But then Jerry is a Democrat. Lincoln Roosevelt Coolidge and Rankin would spin in their graves if they were to see this debate. If I were to let my words fly out of my mind unfiltered I would say every Republican and many Democratic Presidential candidates have no class, They are a bunch of burned out politico's that have little or no interest in the real responsibility and sanctity of the office. Furthermore the office of President of the United States has a FOR SALE sign on it. Policy that goes to the highest bidder along with every post in Congress and the Senate.

I was so disgusted after the debate that I put on my running shoes and ran at least two miles just to let off the steam of the insult it was to my sensibilities. Friends, I know it really does not matter what happens or who wins. Who ever it is will be controlled, directed and quite limited in the powers most of us believe a president should have. But do not. At the same time we have Beijing breathing down our necks, and 61% of Americans unable to sustain the the financial impact of a major auto repair while the 1% parties like it's 1929. I know most of you don't give a damn about any of this. But I want you to know that I once loved this country dearly. Now I'm just indifferent and numb as I watch the parade of fools walk all over the dignity of our once fairly great nation. We're falling into the hands of criminals. Real criminals. And they're not even hiding the fact any more.

They say as you get older you get wiser. You start seeing through all the lies and illusions life throws at you. They were right. It does not make getting older any easier. No wonder our parents sheltered us in a fantasy world of perpetual suburban isolation. Washington and most other big cities are snake pits filled with unethical monsters who would sell their mother down the river for the deal. It's time we started holding our local politicians accountable in every city and county in the country. And just hope that by placing higher expectations on local politicians that good people eventually begin to return to higher office.

The world is laughing at us. Does that make you happy? It should make you want to do something... a lot.

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