Saturday, November 21, 2015

The war on Ina Garten also known as the Barefoot Contessa.

"What's the point of civilization, as Fran Lebowitz has suggested, if not to enjoy linguine with clam sauce?" 

Unless you live under a rock or are in league with highly ethical Vegans there's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying any aspect of any food cuisine or any edible thing on earth. The problem is not that we can't partake of the joys of the culinary achievements of modern civilization. It's that deliberate and/or unconscious (culture driven) gluttony is often the outcome. Worse yet when culturally accepted "normal" eating habits enter the sphere of gluttony the consequences can be daunting and often fatal. When I inquire about this some people have said "I'm not afraid to die!" To which I reply "Good because it's not the dying you should be worried about it's the living part just before it."

Degenerative diseases cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars in medical costs every year. Most are *diet related. So is Ina Garten to be hung from the yard arms? Of course not. And nobody should criticize here for her work. However people who see her recipes as part of a new lifestyle (which Ina herself neglects to warn) are headed straight for the hand basket that takes us all to "health-hell.' I wish I could team up with Ina and design her next book, a plant based diet book filled with all the joys of the burgeoning plant based cuisine style which is gaining momentum, and new recipes that are every bit as sumptuous as the ever so refined and tantalizing traditional cuisines we know and love.  Except they don't drive us into the hands of unscrupulous doctors touting pharmaceutical band aids that are not cures in any sense.  Drugs like NSAID's and cholesterol drugs eventually bring on even worse consequences and more serious problems than the original problem.

Short of lambasting ignorant western doctors quite often the answers lie in our recipes. One of the most handy tricks of the trade is in the reinterpretation of traditional unhealthy recipes turned upside down into healthy recipes with just a turn or a tweak here or there. It's really not that hard.  Secondly detoxification of the body through various means is becoming as necessary as brushing our teeth.  Most Americans are lagging dangerously behind in this practice.  It's not fun, it's not exciting nor is it necessarily tasty, but it is becoming an integral part of prevention, the science of health in the 21st century and the focus of the Zimmermania Health channel and blog.  Read more and watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

Qualification: *Diet related degenerative disease has one other critical component. Toxins in the environment. More than 84,000 chemicals are put into American food and products each year essentially without safety testing, generating more than $763 billion in profits for the chemical industry. Strong scientific evidence exists that exposure to these chemicals is contributing to cancer, reproductive abnormalities, early puberty, and a host of other endocrine, neurological, and metabolic problems. It’s impossible to avoid all chemical exposures but you can minimize them; a list of tips is provided.

We have been given dominion over the animals and scripture asks us to be our brothers keeper.  We are failing miserably at both and while we look the other way another friend is facing pain and an uncertain future because we neglected to care enough to look into the credibility and safety of the components that make up our world.  We must ask ourselves do we love the bliss of ignorance more than our children, our brothers and sisters and our dear friends?  It's one of those questions nobody wants to ask in our pathological politically correct world.  But one we are not afraid to ask here on Zimmermania Health.

But what does all this have to do with Ina Garten and the war up in her face?  Well it's all about balance and temperance.  The amazing cuisine of the past may require far more cleansing reituals for people who insist on consuming the standard American diet.  It also may be necessary for people who want to achieve anything close to optimal health and performance to move closer to a Vegan diet and cleanse to meet their personal energy goals.  We don't need to throw away Ina and her cheesy greasy sugary world of deliciousness from East Hampton Long Island.  But we may want to reserve her recipes for special occasions or that once a week indulgence in what is not so unhealthy when consumed once in awhile.  Again balance and temperance, cleansing and clean foods are the watch words... We're manic for your joy peace health and healing at Zimmermania Health.  We wish you all a lovely Holiday season, a fruitful 2016 in health wellness recovery and genuine daily happiness.

Watch the documentary Our Chemical Lives on YouTube.

Heart Of The Matter documentary: Part 1 and Part 2.  On heart disease Statin drugs and dietary considerations.

By Bill Zimmermann

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