Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On population nature and the meat industry

A friend of mine told me that people have escaped the food chain. He said every other creature depends on and consumes life in many different forms, many are carnivores and with natural guilt eat other animals. We humans now not part of the food chain claim that it is wrong for us. We claim that it is unnatural guilt to consume animals. Well that's wrong. The only reason consuming animals is wrong for humans to my mind is our numbers have grown to a point where it is absurd to slaughter so many animals for food. That if we want to keep increasing in population that our world must change. But we don't want this change. We like it the way it was. We are stuck in the past, longing for a time when there were fewer of us and the planet could absorb our carnivorous ways. It was a time when natural guilt applied to us as it does to carnivorous cats. But today it has become unnatural exclusively for reason of our great numbers. And that is the closest that I have come to the real truth of this matter. If we are the only beings outside the food chain then we are unnatural. Yet we are not. It's a paradox and there are no easy answers. Still to my relief one of the obvious answers is to simply not to exploit animals and to live on a plant based diet. The amazing inventiveness of humans can turn a plant based diet into Haute Cuisine.

It only takes time. So there is really no problem except that there is big money in the old ways. And that is a very hard thing to stop. Power historically is not something humans give up easily quickly or without a fight. Indeed sometimes a fight to the death. These are men, old families who thirty years ago really did not believe they were doing anything wrong. We were taught that animals do not feel emotion. Now EVERYONE knows that is not true. Even the men who run Hormel know this. Thier guilt is sudden and intensely magnified by new science and realities. Their concern is corporate responsibility, jobs, money and the economy. They are caught in a paradigm that has shifted under their feet. Yes they are guilty but they are also innocent as the future has arrived prematurely up in their face too. Yet it is their job to change to go jobless as the world no longer needs their skills. They are the unlucky elite but their world has become sociopathic not by choice but by the sudden revelation of holistic truths of our planet. They are given a choice. Be evil or be poor.

No alpha male monkey will choose poverty especially a homo sapien monkey. It simply is not going to happen. In this regard we have come to the end of the game. The world will become more plant based as consciousness rises and the demand for meat dwindles. But this will take generations and the slow dismantling of many corporate entities. Market driven forces will deconstruct Hormel and the meat industries. Spam will sit on the shelves to test its one thousand year shelf life. Until then the only effective tactic to my mind is to make a vegetable based diet so seductive so delicious and so tempting that people jump ship from the meat cart to the vegetable wagon. Hopefully the planet and the animal kingdom can endure the stress of slow change. For humanity to go from bending and stretching nature to cooperating and adapting to the demands OF nature we are most certainly in a race with time and a possible collapse of the ecosystem as nature draws a line in the sand.

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