Monday, February 23, 2015

Why We Should Stop To Check Our Self Deception Quotient Every Now And Then

This speaker is extremely shallow up until about the six minute mark.  Then the meaning of this video really takes off.  I've studied self deception for many years.  I've written papers on the subject and exchanged ideas on the subject with some very brilliant people.  There are answers to the things that stop us.  Using EFT or Tapping to work with our self deceptions, or talk it out with friends, a therapist or even God if sharing is too painful or shameful to us.  We are responsible for our reactions to all of our problems so sometimes we have to suck it up and go see a shrink.  The stigma around therapists I would say is not that therapy does not work but that most therapists suck.  But a bad therapist is better than no therapist at all.  So go and fix your life.  Use the new tools we have at our disposal.

I wish this video was better, that this woman was sixty three years old facing a lifetime of self deception, or that she was fat and "ugly" with far more difficult trials.  The last person we want to hear from is a beautiful thirty five year old who things she knows something.  But she is on point and gives a great talk.

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