Thursday, January 16, 2014

Until you resolve your relationship with the animal kingdom you've got nothin'

Until you've resolved your relationship with the animal kingdom you've got nothing.

I write this because you have to understand that some things are primary and that everything underneath them falls as a subcategory under that particular item. In this case that over arching concept is animal-rights. If you abuse animals don't talk to me about anything else because it won't matter. What a human being deceives him or herself so completely in one area they simply cannot be trusted in any other area. This is not to say that humans cannot be trusted who eat meat but and it's a big "but." It stands to reason that when a person cannot resolve the truth in an area that is as important as animal-rights then it is likely that they will be unable to resolve the truth in other areas.

I give you the example of the atheist who views Christianity as delusional. The logic and sensibilities of atheists fly directly in the face of faith as it is understood by Christians and other religious entities. We are not examining the validity of Christianity or the invalidity of atheism.  However this comparison serves us to understand how self deceptive thinking can influence other logic systems to a degree that the entire character of a person is affected and personal logic systems are compromised.  The art of discernment, critical thinking and the ability to judge become warped by corrupted data streams in human logic systems which lead to subtle character flaws that for some people progress into states of being such as that of the ever more common sociopath.

Art is three-dimensional or two-dimensional and tangible.  It is rocksolid in terms of its perceptive ability. When the mind is weakened by the acceptance of unprovable abstract concepts it is scientifically provable that the same person who excepts Christ or Buddha or Mohamed are more capable of accepting propaganda as truth. In this case the propaganda 'happy cows live in California" is a betrayal not only of the truth but of the trust we place in our fellow human beings.  To add insult to injury it is common practice in the meat industry to lie about the health and welfare of their livestock.  This distrust adds to a burden to an already distressed culture.  Society is divided and to deal with each other at the level of truth and honesty becomes less likely to a point where personal isolation becomes the norm.

While this is all old news it remains important in the cultural discourse. Is important to remember that any society when something is omnipresent and continually practiced through the ages does not mean that it is right. When we ignore a mass delusion that has been going on for decades centuries and millennia it is never old news when human nature refuses to adapt to new conditions. The conditions to which I am referring are the increased population of humanity and the required animal protein to feed it have far exceeded The Earth's capacity to sustain the animal population to feed us without employing industrialization to the processing of animal products.  To alter the definition of a single animal from the identity "pet" to "livestock" is to deny an animal rights over another animal with different rights. Creating legal structures around beings that allow humans to exploit other Earth creatures is wrong. It might have been right many many years ago when animal protein was necessary to the survival of human beings but when a creature multiplies to the degree that humanity has then new ideas must take hold to maintain balance and fairness to the animal kingdom.  Animal husbandry has moved into the realm of sadistic mass murder on a daily basis. Simply because we refused to let go of the profitability of the animal processing industry and we refused to let go of a way of obtaining nutrition that is far outmoded in this day and age.

When something is so wrong and has been for so long we call it "cultural" but mass murder of animals leads us down a path where respect for nature becomes the next victim and then the respect for other human beings becomes the following victim in the final victim is the internalized disrespect for ourselves and the self-destructive behaviors that follow.

We wonder why we have so many sociopaths in our country. It is my belief that it is logic systems built upon each other in this manner that creates sociopaths. When you allow yourself to lie to yourself at a level that is so significant as the welfare of feeling and sentiment beings like the animals we consume then you allow yourself to lie about other things and then yet more things until lying becomes a way of life self-deception becomes protocol for survival. This indeed is no way to live. Consider the consequences of eating meat next time you are at the grocery store. Your personal consciousness growth and spiritual life could be at stake.

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