Friday, December 21, 2012

Newtown - Getting It Right

By William Zimmermann

I do not even know where to begin. To think, even a little bit, about what people feel after losing their children and friends to a murder is to invite a trip down a rabbit hole of despair. Such empathy can lead to clinical depression for people like me. So we acknowledge the horror and look away. But we feel the pain enough to taste the loss and to share a prayer how ever inadequate it might be. And that is all that is required along with the solemn vow to keep doing good in the world regardless of how others act or what they do.

I can not help but be reminded of murders that go on every day in our county. The murders caused by people who do not care about us any more than the killer in Newtown cared about those kids. I am talking about the people that run Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and the like... and the politicians who allow them to pervert the natural world and to unleash a multitude of deadly toxins upon the public not the least of which is hydrofluorcilicic acid used to fluoridate the public eater supply. Untreated and unprocessed hydrofluorcilicic acid is dumped directly into the water supply chemicals are dumped on the food supply as jobs are shipped overseas without a single thought for American health jobs or the spirit of this fine country. We need to learn from this tragedy. But will we? If killing on any level is wrong why do we do so much of it to ourselves? Other countries are outlawing GMO seeds and have never bought into fluoridation while America continues to poison it's people with these toxins with reckless abandon. When we subjugate twenty billion animals to the height of cruelty abandoning any ethic of respect for animal creature hood what does that say about us? We do not believe we can deal with corporations and powerful entities in government because they are simply too powerful. We choose denial over 911 truth. We know it was an inside job, but we rationalize, look away and blame contrived "terrorists" while waving the flag to the beat of vengeance and war that would cost OUR country trillions of dollars evaporated into the bottomless pit of the military industrial complex and into the pockets of the super rich.

At the same time the reckless insanity of the FDA and big pharma enforce the barbaric practices of the cancer industry. All who would keep us in perpetual war, keep us sick poison us and bilk our bodies bank accounts and insurance for every penny to get the next deal. These murders are sanctioned and forgiven by an ignorant public who now post Facebook candles for the Newtown victims. What about the victims of fluoride, mercury poisoning in dentist offices? What about the dentists themselves who have bought into the lies behind the mercury industry? What about the soil that grows the food that feeds millions upon millions of Americans? When that soil I s dead, what then?

And we wonder why some of us go postal?

Are we mourning for these children? Or are they just an excuse to feel something-anything? just to remind us, however briefly, of our "humanity?" In world where snakes are despised over creatures like cuddly puppies would must suspect ourselves of mass psychopathic hypocrisy. If we could read the soul of the shooter in Newtown would it tell a story of pain and neglect; the sorrows of the disenfranchised, marginalized victimization that twisted his poor young mind? Or will we just label him a terrorist and take guns away from everybody, using him further, allowing "lawmakers" with dark agendas to use him as a scape goat? Again lying about who and what he was as an excuse to exert power to gain control over the population though lies and further deception and deceit.

The inability of people to identify facts let alone any close variant of logic or truth is central to this discourse. Pandemic lying, self deception insincerity and voluntary ignorance in an era of abject selfishness and inhumanity adds great weight to the idea that we have not grown as a species. In fact it highlights the fact that we have severely regressed. Mass psychosis is nicely wrapped in gift-bags of cultural and physical addiction. The comforts of technology, money and our own greed go unchecked as we waste trillions in tax dollars and printed money to fight useless wars and bankster greed when that money should have been used for mental health programs and the enhancement of a real American economy society and culture. When we ignore these facts we find ourselves merely using the Newtown victims to convince ourselves that we are "good people" that we can still can feel for the victims. It is a san and shallow day when this representation of emotion at best and how ever brief it is, the compassion fades as we allow bullies like banks, corporations, big pharma, Monsanto, 911 liars, a congress for sale, and other sanitized murders to go unchecked and unchallenged every single day of the year.

So yes, grieve for the children and the adults that were taken from us but do not forget this kind of thing goes on every hour of every day all over the world. If we learn from these more obvious lessons hopefully we will begin to take responsibility for the other wars, the more cunning murderers who kill with impunity, in the name of God and even with kindness. If we can learn on all levels to take responsibility and to care for one another, and all living things like the puppy and the snake perhaps we will not be condemned to repeat the lesson over and over again until we get it right. Until we get it right on every level - it won't stop. If we make a solemn vow to protect life, all life and keep our brothers in line regardless of who they are, how they act or what they do then our lives take on meaning that might allow generations to come to live and maybe live better than we did. And that is a legacy worth leaving to our children and the many generations to come.

Bill Zimmermann December 21, 2012

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