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Gerson Maintenance Diet

Gerson Maintenance Diet. Check out my viral juicing video here:

Organic, Vegetarian Diet: High potassium foods, plenty of fresh fruit, a variety of vegetables and salads.

No Salt

Low Fat: Flax seed and olive oil (Never heat flax seed oil!) No fried foods.

Juices: 2-3 Eight ounces of carrot/apple juices daily, 1 orange or grapefruit juice daily.

1-2 green juices a day

2 Tablespoons potassium compound added to one carrot/apple juice each day.

Lugol’s Solution- half strength, in carrot/apple juice, use according to weight:

150 lbs or less = 1 drop 2x/week taken with a meal.

150 lbs or more = 2 drops 2x/week taken with a meal.

Coffee Enema: once daily or 1-3 times weekly as needed.

** Note: Recommended ratio of juices per enema is 3 eight ounce juices per enema.

Recommended: Twice a year, the intensive treatment for 2 weeks or the modified therapy for 3 weeks.

Example of Daily Diet

Breakfast: Orange or grapefruit juice

Oatmeal with stewed or fresh fruit

Toasted 100% organic salt free rye bread if desired

Snack: Fresh fruit or veggies. Some people need to be cautious

with the amount of fruit taken

Lunch: Carrot/apple juice

Hippocrates soup

Baked potato (sometimes potato salad)

A cooked vegetable/make sure to include greens and beets and broccoli.

Non-fat or very low-salt cottage cheese or yogurt (2-3 oz.)

Salad, with a variety of multicolored vegetables

Snack: Fresh fruit or raw vegetables.

Dinner: (same as lunch with variation of vegetables)

Carrot juice


Baked potato

Prepared vegetable dish as above.

Brown rice twice weekly. Lentils if tolerated two to three times a week. A few raw nuts and seeds 2-3 times a week. Ok to include berries. A clean fish once a week.

**Note: A recovered patient can have an occasional “Non-Gerson” meal but coffee enema immediately.

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