Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reality strikes a truthful blow

By William Zimmermann

When inner truths surface and I face them the world turns gray and I head for the Xanax bottle.  I don’t run away from them but I turn down their volume with the drug.  Reality is shifting all over the place these days and political correctness is a sad suffocation of real feelings opinions and thought as I drown their respiration in lies of civility.  We pour our emotions in the empty ears of a god who does not reply.  We react to a rapidly changing world where the rules change faster than the methods meaning and goals we ostensibly hold so dear.

The speed at which the world moves is inhumane.  It brings one to the brink where the only question is “What is this all for?”

Every attempt to make sense of the input of information and to give the right answer, the appropriate response to others seems never to be in line with logic, intuition or any kind of sense or emotion.  Restraint in propriety is to suffer constantly controled outrage. 

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