Friday, June 16, 2017

Silent Partner. "Message" From Your Best Friend

Silent Partner Messages From Your Best Friend (Editors Version)

By William Zimmermann

A good friend is a person who you trust and who you know as well as you could ever possibly know anyone. They are kind and give support in times of need. A friend champions on behalf of your best interests and always puts your interests first. But here we are talking about your silent partner and your very best friend. He can not speak and has no voice. You might think I am writing about your dog your cat or your fish. Not so! The friend I am talking about is the one with whom you entered this world. The one who carried you through grammar school, high school and college, the friend who was there for your first kiss and who was there on your wedding night. A friend you can truly call your own and who will never leave you. This friend, this buddy and forever companion was bought and paid for the day you were born and will carry you until the day you die…
This friend is nothing less than the perfect miracle that is your physical body. The silent partner who loves and cares for you every moment of every day of every year of your life.

Listening to it and know what it has to say is not something we often consider, if ever. But it has more to say than you might think. We just need to learn the language of our bodies and then listen carefully to what they have to say.

We listen to the beautiful echoing discourse of whales and the perky dialect of bottlenose dolphins. We catch fond glances from our pets who love us. We speak to them often and wish they could talk back, but these creatures do not have the ability to communicate with speech we understand. In the same silent loving manner, your body cares for you but does not speak. We are simply temporary residents, renters, tenants. Yet we are the drivers, captains, and masters of these beautiful human creations that build cities, design Mars rovers, compose music and choreograph the dance. The senses record exabytes of data at light speed with accuracy no quantum computer could ever match. And with the elegance of a ballet, we effortlessly move as a symphony of motion intent and creative far beyond any other known creature that we are without a doubt gods. Yet we lumber, stumble and make egregious errors daily. Why are we are seriously flawed?

We can answer this by starting with the obvious. The body lives to serve. It consumes whatever food drug, smoke or drink we put into it and it goes where ever we point it. It builds destroys fights loves and replicates at our behest. It takes beating while it unassumingly and silently fulfills our every whim. As Yoda might say "For in it we live and upon it we rely" to carry us through our lives and through our time on this earth from the day we are were born until the day we die. Silent and loyal it is indeed our best friend, greatest supporter, most loving companion and quite literally our soul mate.

If we are not our bodies then what are we? We are consciousness having a human experience. Our brain is the chauffeur. A simple antenna that downloads to our body our soul directives. Nothing more. Our creaturehood, our physical body is a divine gift, a mystery and is our window into the garden in which we are to learn all the lessons of three-dimensional experience. Our body works beside us as we learn about the eternal validity of the soul and its meaning in our infinite existence as galactic wanderers, beings, and wannabe gods.

One would think when driving the finest Ferrari around the planet that we might avoid the mistake of filling up with kerosene at the pump instead of making certain we fill up with the finest top tier high octane gasoline? At the very least in terms of fuel, the body has biological imperatives. If we fill up with Hostess Ding Dongs, Ho Ho's alcohol, tobacco, and grease... Houston, we have a problem.

We are given a corporeal body and the fastest computer in the known universe and then we take it to a drive up window and order food? Garbage that exists simply to make earth dwelling demons a corporate profit? I don't think so. We're far better than that.

When viewed in this manner we begin to comprehend what we are doing to this phenomenal gift. Our best friend cringes but can not speak each time we pollute it or the external environment that reflects the love and pride we take in our world. Thank goodness it does not have a voice because if it did our bodies would all be screaming bloody murder!

Let us listen closely to what our bodies have to say. Let us learn how to be a listening that we may finally learn the importance of what they have to say.


Editor notes:

Proposed edits and expansion of article for paid publication.

Chapters: (very stream of consciousness (SOC) and quite poor choices but they convey the direction of the subject matter.

1. Ouch! That Hurts!
2. Oh no you did not eat that!
3. If bodies could talk.
4. Zombie nation, the silenced body
5. Through our pursuit of comfort we guarantee our suffering.
6. If those bones could talk
7. Fast food and the center aisles of your grocery store

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